Local WP – The best development environment for WordPress

Aleks Basara

Local WP is a WordPress local development environment that allows you to build, test, and change WordPress websites on your local system. It is a desktop application that you can download and install on your computer that provides an isolated environment in which you can work on your WordPress stack without affecting the live site.

Local WP includes pre-configured WordPress development settings and tools such as PHP, MySQL, Apache/Nginx web servers, and more. This means you can rapidly create a new WordPress site, import an existing site, or clone an existing site with a few clicks.

Local WP not only provides a local development environment but it also enables developers to deploy their WordPress websites to hosting services like WP Engine and Flywheel. Integrations with these platforms enable you to simply push your local site to a staging environment or directly to the live site on these platforms.

To deploy your site to WP Engine or Flywheel, you must first create an account with the platform and configure your site with the necessary settings and parameters. Local WP offers a simple interface for customizing these parameters and pushing your site to the hosting platform. You may deploy your local site to the hosting platform and have it up and running on the live site with only a few clicks.

This functionality is especially beneficial for WordPress developers who need to work on a project with others or who need to share their work with clients or stakeholders. You can provide people access to the live site for testing and review by deploying to a hosting platform without having to worry about the technical specifics of server configurations or migrations.

Local WP also has tools that make working on WordPress sites easier for developers. It includes a built-in code editor, for example, with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and debugging tools. It also makes it simple to set up staging environments and interact with others by providing URLs to your local site.

Overall, Local WP provides a streamlined workflow for WordPress developers, enabling them to work faster, more efficiently, and with greater confidence. With a local development environment, developers can easily experiment with new themes, plugins, and other customizations without worrying about breaking anything on the live site. They can also test their code, debug errors, and make improvements before pushing their changes to the live site.

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