A New JavaScript Framework to Supercharge Your Web Development

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As developers, we're always on the lookout for innovative tools to improve our workflow and create the most engaging user experiences. That's why today we're excited to introduce you to, the new kid on the block in the JavaScript framework that is rapidly gaining traction in the web development community. This post will give you an overview of, its core features, and how it can transform the web development process.

What is is a modern JavaScript framework, similar to Next.js, for building better, faster, and more robust web applications. It utilizes the power of React and the latest web technologies to provide developers with a simple and efficient way to build scalable, high-performance applications. With a focus on developer experience and best practices, aims to help you create web applications that are both delightful for users and easy to maintain.

Core Features of

SSR (server-side rendering)

One of the key features of is its server rendering, which ensures optimal performance and improved search engine optimization (SEO). By rendering the website on the server, we can deliver a fast, dynamic, and interactive experience to your users without compromising on the SEO benefits of traditional static sites. In comparision to Next.js or Gatsby.js, there is no option for SSG (static site generation).

Progressive Loading

With, we can build applications that load progressively. This means that users can interact with your application almost instantly, while the rest of the application continues to load in the background. This results in an improved user experience, as your users won't have to wait for the entire application to load before they can start using it.

Built-in Caching comes with built-in caching out of the box, which allows us to cache both static and dynamic data. This not only improves your application's performance but also reduces the load on your server. If we are using for your e-commerce with, e.g., Saleor or Shopify, we can increase the cache time of the product pages and purge it after updating content. This works like a charm with and

Flexible Routing

Routing is a crucial aspect of any web application, and offers us a flexible and easy-to-use routing system. With nested routes, code splitting, and seamless transitions, we can create complex, feature-rich applications with ease.

Full Control Over Data Fetching

In contrast to many other JavaScript frameworks, gives us full control over data fetching. We can choose the data fetching approach that best fits your requirements, whether it's server-side rendering, client-side rendering, or a mix of both. Starters

A starter is the best way to explore new frameworks like Here are our favorite starters for Tutorials

Each of the new frameworks has its own unique challenges to help you get started with we looked for some solid tutorials. Here are our favorite tutorials for Here are our favorite tutorials for

Conclusion is a powerful and flexible JavaScript framework that is perfect for building modern web applications. With its focus on performance, user experience, and developer productivity, it's an excellent choice for companies who want to stay ahead of the curve.

If you want to know more about and it's features for composable commerce or headless cms driven websites, feel free to schedule a call with us.

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