We recently developed a dynamic Fanshop for, built on the Shopify platform, seamlessly integrating with Sendcloud and Easybill to enhance operational efficiency. Our involvement spanned from technical development to strategic consulting, ensuring a tailored e-commerce solution that aligns with the brand's vision and customer needs.
Strategy, Shopify Development, Integrations

We initiated a compelling project to design and develop an innovative Fanshop for, utilizing the versatile and powerful Shopify platform. This endeavor was more than just setting up an e-commerce store; it involved creating a captivating and smooth shopping experience for the brand's enthusiastic followers.

Platform Selection: Shopify

Selecting Shopify as our foundation was a deliberate choice. Known for its user-friendly nature and extensive customization options, Shopify was an ideal match for our needs. Its strength in handling scalable business needs, coupled with its straightforward design tools, allowed us to seamlessly integrate's unique brand essence into the shop's design.

Innovative Integrations: Sendcloud and Easybill

A pivotal part of this project was enhancing the efficiency of logistics and billing. We achieved this by integrating Sendcloud and Easybill. Sendcloud brought sophistication to our shipping and fulfillment operations, providing a streamlined experience for both our team and the customers. Easybill simplified the invoicing and accounting processes, ensuring the backend operations were as smooth as the frontend.

Consulting and Strategy

Our involvement went beyond development. We took a deep dive into consulting and strategic planning to ensure every aspect was in line with's business ambitions and audience expectations. Through extensive market research, user experience analysis, and competitive assessments, we crafted a strategy that drove sales and cultivated brand loyalty.


The final product was a state-of-the-art Fanshop that resonated with its audience, was efficient in its operations, and poised for future expansion. The integration of Sendcloud and Easybill proved to be a strategic move, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Our comprehensive strategy ensured the shop was not only visually appealing but also excelled in performance, aligning with's overarching business goals.

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